Better Enterprise Storage, Lower TCO

FormationOne delivers the scale, simplicity, and agility of the cloud with the control and security of your enterprise data center

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"You don't merge Sears and JC Penney and get Amazon." Mark Lewis, CEO, Formation Data Systems
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Software-defined storage solutions

FormationOne VSR

Recapture unused VM storage capacity for massive savings

Solve Your Biggest Storage Challenges


Scale big. Scale fast. Expand your storage from TBs to PBs. Automate processes to deliver new services 10x faster than legacy solutions. All with dramatic TCO savings.

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You can have it all. QoS with policy-based control, enforced permissions, and self-service provisioning. Simple, automated, agile.

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Reduce your storage footprint utilizing x86 commodity hardware. Slash TCO. Say goodbye to legacy array economics and proprietary hardware. And with our subscription pricing, you can pay as you grow.

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Run mixed workloads on a scale-out platform that consistently delivers low latency, high I/O, and high-throughput performance to seamlessly support traditional and modern distributed applications. Allocate, segment, and control performance dynamically across flash and disk volumes.

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FormationOne is the only dynamic storage platform that provides all of these benefits in one product.

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  • Controlled performance at scale with PriorityOne™ QoS
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  • Minimize data loss and speed data repurposing with TimeLine™ data protection
  • Deliver lower TCO and minimize your storage footprint with Single-Origin Data™
  • Fully exploit the power of flash storage with Dynamic Data Tiering™

One Platform, Many Solutions

Performance.png High-Performance Applications

Consolidate and transform high-performance block and file workloads into scale-out iSCSI and NFS deployments. Improve time-to-market with dramatic TCO savings.

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IT_MOdernization.png IT Modernization

Deliver the power of cloud-native architectures that allow IT to support hyper-scale deployments at a fraction of the cost of legacy storage and cloud solutions.

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Virtualization.png Server Virtualization

Improve storage management for VMware and multi-hypervisor environments. Use QoS to deliver consistent performance and overcome the virtualization "I/O blender" effect.

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It's almost like FormationOne conjures up new storage from thin air—which is, after all, the promise virtualization brought to the world of compute.

- Ben Kepes, Networkworld