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FormationOne is a cloud storage system that can support a broad range of use cases —at low cost and massive scale. For traditional workloads, like Block and File, FormationOne offers a scale-out, software-defined platform that enables organizations to optimize performance, reliability, and availability. Because of its distributed architecture, FormationOne also supports modern data processing frameworks like MongoDB, Hadoop, Spark, and Cassandra that drive cloud-based and embedded applications.

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Service Providers

FormationOne is a cloud storage platform that supports multiple data types across a broad range of use cases enabling service providers to jump on new opportunities and face challenges with ease. Simplicity and automation are critical when delivering high-volume service models in multi-tenant environments which is a native capability of FormationOne. Servicing numerous tenant and customers requires controlled performance so PriorityOne QoS ensures that high-priority services always get the resources necessary to meet SLAs.

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Enterprise IT

Supporting the broad range of use cases in today’s modern enterprise has traditionally forced IT to build silos of infrastructure to support business growth and innovation. Those days are now gone. FormationOne offers a single cloud storage platform that simultaneously supports the demands of traditional workloads (Block and File) in addition to distributed, cloud-native applications. This platform enables organizations large and small to transform IT into a flexible, elastic, scalable service oriented architecture that fulfills requirements of any line of business demands.   

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FormationOne includes hardware-independent, loosely-coupled software services that have great capability when acting in concert, together with hyper-scale capabilities.

- ESG Research

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