With traditional storage arrays, provisioning and managing block storage environments to support database, manufacturing and transaction processing systems continue to be arduous, manual tasks for storage and database administrators. In addition to statically configuring infrastructure on legacy storage systems, data sprawl creates management headaches that tend to spiral out of control. This is accelerated in DevOps environments where agile development and rapid prototyping of new applications and services become the standard. Effectively addressing these dynamic environments with legacy storage arrays is no longer feasible, modern applications require infrastructure that is much more dynamic and elastic to keep ahead of the demand. With legacy storage tools, IT simply cannot keep up with the speed of business, hindering innovation and negatively impacting the bottom line.

Most database environments also require separate infrastructures for development, test and staging, which creates additional cost and complexity. Enterprises can spend more on preproduction environments than they do on production infrastructure, which makes legacy solutions extremely complex and costly.


FormationOne™ is a transformative solution to these challenges that offers simplicity, protection, performance and scale with dramatically lower TCO. Performance is managed using PriorityOne™ dynamic QoS which ensures that storage meets priority and performance SLAs at all times. Database workloads can be further isolated using logical or physical multi-tenancy for governance and guaranteed performance, allowing DBAs to manage their data independent of other data which is consolidated on the same system.

Enterprise-Grade Storage

FormationOne provides a complete set of storage services that provide a simplified, automated way to manage complex block storage environments. Data protection is implemented via TimeLineTM, which provides full transactional data journaling with continuous data protection (CDP) for granular coverage and recovery to minimize recovery-point and recovery-time objectives (RPO and RTO). Formation SafeGuardTM offers hybrid cloud disaster recovery and improved business continuity via remote replication and data management across domains.

Whether operating in traditional structured Oracle or SQL environments or building out next generation NoSQL distributed databases, data repurposing is critical. By providing snapshots and clones without a requirement to create any additional data copies, administrators can manage test, development and QA all from a single instance of data. This capability allows storage or database administrators to schedule copy protection intervals and restore them through the user interface (UI), command line interface (CLI) or via the REST API.

FormationOne Benefits in Block Storage Environments

  1. Rapid provisioning and automation for storage and application administrators
  2. Comprehensive, journaled data protection with unlimited integrated snaps and clones
  3. Database consolidation and tight performance controls with QoS prioritization
  4. I/O, throughput and latency that meets or exceeds enterprise storage array performance
  5. Fully integrated real-time infrastructure monitoring and anomaly detection
  6. Dynamic data tiering that allocates high I/O workloads to SSD for performance
  7. Supports multi-hypervisor environments (VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix, etc.)
  8. Data connectors to support block (iSCSI), file (NFS), object (S3) and Hadoop (HDFS) 
  9. Remote replication to private or public cloud for disaster recovery using Formation SafeGuard


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