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Formation Data Systems is revolutionizing enterprise storage by bringing cloud storage technology, advanced features, and compelling economics to enterprise cloud infrastructure, both on-premise and on AWS. Powered by a distributed, scale-out, software-based architecture, the FormationOne™ Dynamic Storage Platform gives organizations a single, resilient solution that supports legacy and modern workloads, and the ability to run on public and private cloud platforms. In the face of volatile data growth and unpredictable business demands, Formation delivers cost-effective, easy-to-manage enterprise cloud storage at hyper-scale.

Goodbye Arrays. Hello Software.

If you're still reading from the traditional enterprise storage playbook—it’s time to rethink your storage strategy. The time to modernize is now. Your competition has already moved ahead. Formation has a platform that supports your business applications and helps you manage your unpredictable business needs.

More data has been created in the last two years than in the entire history of mankind. Three hundred hours of video alone is uploaded to YouTube every minute. By 2020, every person on earth will create almost 2MB of data every second. Don't bother doing the math. The trend is obvious.

All that data needs to live somewhere. And it’s not going to be on proprietary, hardware-based storage arrays. Placing data in multiple, single-purpose arrays increases cost and complexity. This model is no longer sustainable.

That's why Formation Data Systems has built a platform entirely in software. We've blown up the enterprise storage paradigm and rebuilt it from scratch. Just look at Amazon, Facebook and Google. Their datacenters don’t house a single proprietary storage array. They rely on specialized software running on commercial, off-the-shelf hardware to power their massive cloud-scale datacenters.

With the FormationOne™ Dynamic Storage Platform, you gain a storage infrastructure that can keep up with the demands and opportunities of a data-driven organization. The future of storage is software. Join the revolution.

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Formation Data Systems is delivering on the promise of openstack and opensource storage management for the enterprise. They complete the vision of a data storage platform that can deliver true cloud flexibility and agility but under the rigor and discipline the enterprise data center demands.

- Darrell Long, Professor of Computer Science, UC Santa Cruz

Simple. Smart. Effective.

That's what modern IT demands. That's what FormationOne delivers.


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