Executive Management

Mark S. Lewis

Jeff Alexander

Ameer Abbas

Rick Walsworth

Eric Chan

Sudhakar Mungamoori



Our vision at Formation Data Systems is to modernize enterprise storage.

We are achieving this vision by delivering a revolutionary new dynamic storage platform that will fundamentally change the approach to data storage and management. Storage today is primarily single-purpose-driven with the expectation that users buy specialized software, and storage arrays for each data type, function, or application. Vendors offer SANs for block storage, NAS for file storage, object storage, backup storage, archive storage, flash storage, specialty storage for Hadoop, specialty storage for VMware, and the list goes on. The resulting complexity and chaos creates more opportunity for vendors to sell additional SRM (Storage Resource Management) and other software to manage all of the complexity.

To put it bluntly, enterprise storage sucks! This complexity is just not necessary.

At Formation, we are building a software platform that can virtualize the infrastructure elements like disks and flash, virtualize the application connectivity across all data types, and virtualize data services delivery so that functions like backup and replication can be done in a universal way across all applications and data. This simple and revolutionary approach to storage will have the same positive disruptive effects that IT saw with the advent of compute virtualization over a decade ago.

The result will be a storage environment that is dramatically more agile and flexible, while also being more secure and manageable. It will not be merely 10 to 20 percent more economical; it will drive an economic shift on the order of 10X!

Modern enterprise storage has arrived.

Board Members

Mark S. Lewis

Chairman & CEO, Formation Data Systems

Anthony Bettencourt

President & CEO, Imperva

Carl Ledbetter

Managing Director, Pelion Ventures

Robert Schwartz

Managing Partner, Third Point Ventures

Investors & Advisors

Navin Chaddha

MD, Mayfield

Charlie Giancarlo

Former CDO, Cisco

Jerry Kennelly

CEO, Riverbed

Aaron Levie

CEO, Box

Darrell Long

Professor of Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz

Steve Luczo

CEO, Seagate

Jim Lussier

MD, Dell Ventures

Kumar Malavalli

Co-Founder and Former CTO, Brocade, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, InMage Systems

Institutional Investors

  • investor-pelion
  • investor-dell-ventures
  • investor-thirdpoint
  • investor-mayfield

Product Advisory Council

Suman Pain

Shantanu Sarkar

Ryan Granard

Kevin Maher

Joel Gustafson

Geoff Hendrey

Paul Whitted

Karthik Gajjala

Correy Voo

Sateesh Chilukuri

Simple. Smart. Effective.

That's what modern IT demands. That's what FormationOne delivers.


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