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We've already donated this many goats!
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We're revolutionizing enterprise storage. But why stop there?

Team Formation is committed to making the world a better place and support a number of causes to deliver on that mission.  It's part of our corporate culture.

What's up with the Goats??

The Formation has always been committed to making a difference on a global scale - one goat at a time. This was the genesis of the "See a Demo, Get a Goat" program. For every live demo given to qualified candidates, Formation will donate a goat on the demo recipient’s behalf to a family across the globe via Oxfam America. Thanks to all of you, we’ve donated over 130 goats so far, representing over 130 families that have received the gift of a goat.  

How else can you help?

Oxfam is a global organization working to right the wrongs of poverty, hunger and injustice.  You can make a donation directly to Oxfam by clicking this link or the logo below.  


Why goats?

A goat is literally the gift that keeps giving, with its gifts of food and fertilizer, can lift a family out of poverty.  Oxfam sends these wonderful animals to the places where they’re most needed. That could mean assisting women headed households in Ethiopia or breeding programs in Haiti. Goats help in drought recovery projects because they’re durable and can survive in rough climates.

Without their animals, many families would slip deeper into poverty. They wouldn’t have milk or crops to generate income to help themselves. When Oxfam considers ways to help people help themselves, animals are often at the heart of those projects.

Thank you for supporting our Get a Goat program. If you are an IT buyer interested in the shift to software-defined storage and would like to donate a goat, please click the link below.


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