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No more proprietary arrays. No more provisioning gridlock. It’s a new world and you’re going to love it.

FormationOne - 2016 Finalist for Tech Target Product of the Year.

The Formation Difference: Hybrid. Dynamic. Hyper-Scale. Software Defined.

FormationOne is the first hyper-scale, dynamic storage platform for the enterprise. It virtualizes data, hardware, and infrastructure. And delivers agility and performance at scale. At 10x lower cost than legacy, array-based storage. With cloud-like simplicity, FormationOne delivers elastic storage services across a variety of use cases in multi-tenant environments.

"Formation has fundamentally redefined a modern storage architecture for the hyper-scale future."

- Taneja Group

Experience the Benefits of FormationOne 

Lower Your Storage Footprint

Single-Origin Data™ creates the smallest possible data footprint while delivering end-to-end data protection and secure access.

Cloud-based storage recovery from Formation Data Systems
Cloud-based Recovery

SafeGuard ™ provides a secure, hybrid cloud storage solution, supporting AWS S3 for disaster recovery and AWS Glacier for data archiving.

Minimize Data Loss

TimeLine™ provides full transactional data journaling (continuous data protection), cloning, and full or incremental snapshots without any additional object data copies or interruption to ongoing workloads. It also applies data governance and retention policies.

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Deliver Consistent Performance

With PriorityOne™, patent-pending QoS algorithms provide dynamic performance control for every volume. Dynamically tier workloads between flash and disk resources.

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Virtual Storage Recapture

Virtual Storage Recapture (VSR) is a storage manager service that runs as a lightweight VM to recapture unused storage capacity on each virtualized server and its attached array(s). FormationOne pools this recaptured storage capacity and delivers it as full-featured enterprise storage that can be applied to backup, archive, file, and object storage.

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Malware Protection
Eliminate the Threat of Malware

According to Symantec, ransomware attacks have quadrupled in Q1 2016 to over 4,000 attacks per day. Attackers are more sophisticated in how they insert malware into corporate systems, making traditional counter-measures alone ineffective in helping companies monitor, detect, and recover from attacks. FormationOne works in conjunction with intrusion detection security software to verify and recover from ransomware attacks. Learn more about eliminating the threat of malware.

Simple. Smart. Effective.

That's what modern IT demands. That's what FormationOne delivers.

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