Software-Defined Storage.
It Starts With the Architecture.

No retrofitting. No workarounds. An architecture built for the modern enterprise data center. All data welcome.

Breakthrough Architecture

We designed FormationOne on a breakthrough scale-out architecture called VELA (virtual, elastic, loosely coupled, autonomic). VELA provides a framework for scaling domains in three dimensions: access, storage, and metadata.

  • Data Connectors
  • Software Defined Storage
  • Industry Standard Servers


AWS S3 and Big Data workloads supported via Object/HDFS connectors


High-performance block applications supported via iSCSI connector


Scale-out NAS applications supported via NFS connector


Block database applications supported via iSCSI connector

Data fully protected and instantly recoverable via TimeLine continuous data protection

Virtualized storage compute nodes dynamically tiering across SSD and HDD resources

PriorityOne QoS prioritizing application workloads

X86 server compute nodes configured with Flash and HDD


  • V VIRTUAL: FormationOne is software-defined, hardware-agnostic, and it virtualizes infrastructure and data.
  • E ELASTIC: The system scales from 4 to 1,000+ nodes in each domain. The Global Domain scales to 10,000+ nodes. It provides an extensible data interface, allowing for the addition of any number of access points.
  • L LOOSELY COUPLED: Most software elements are highly independent. Configuration and updates can be asynchronous across nodes. The system delivers a high degree of reliability using commodity hardware and software.
  • A AUTONOMIC: All failure scenarios have predefined recovery actions. Elements run autonomously even if the management system is unavailable.

FormationOne SafeGuard™

FormationOne SafeGuard ™ extends the FormationOne architecture to provide seamless connectivity into AWS and other cloud services

  • Provides a secure, hybrid cloud storage solution, supporting AWS S3 for disaster recovery and AWS Glacier for data archiving
  • Supports secure, encrypted data transfer and local key management between datacenters and AWS cloud boundaries
  • Provides complete cloud-based recovery, leveraging AWS EC2, and EBS infrastructure for cost-effective, cloud-enabled business continuity
  • Offers data de-duplication for improved efficiency to dramatically lower WAN bandwidth and data storage costs

Formation is architecting for enterprises that wish to renew their landscapes to take advantage of cloud models while providing enterprise class storage.

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 Video: FormationOne Architecture



 Video: SafeGuard™ from Formation Data Systems

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