All businesses need to plan for the unexpected. That typically means disaster recovery (DR) using remote replication accompanied by a comprehensive business continuity plan. But many organizations have deferred executing their DR strategies because of the capital and operational expenses involved.  The reality of today’s digital economy is that downtime is not an option regardless of the industry or company size. 

To maintain costs, many organizations utilize traditional backups as their primary recovery mechanism, and most are still using tapes stored off-site for DR. Unfortunately, recovery from backups is notoriously unreliable, and the resulting amount of data loss and downtime exceeds the recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO/RTO) set by the organization. Compound this with the reality that most organizations utilize a combination of data types—block, file, and object—makes implementing a disaster recovery strategy an overwhelming task.

Some organizations utilize cloud DR services as a cost-effective alternative, but most storage solutions do not provide a direct connection to the cloud, often requiring a gateway or other third party solutions that can add significant cost and complexity.


SafeGuard delivers secure cloud replication that can be applied to multiple use cases including disaster recovery, backup, and archive. SafeGuard is a dynamic data replication solution that complements the FormationOne software-defined storage architecture with the following:

  • Provides a secure, hybrid cloud storage solution, supporting AWS S3 for disaster recovery and AWS Glacier for data archiving
  • Supports secure, encrypted data transfer and local key management between datacenters and AWS cloud boundaries
  • Provides complete cloud-based recovery, leveraging AWS EC2, and EBS infrastructure for cost-effective, cloud-enabled business continuity
  • Offers data de-duplication for improved efficiency to dramatically lower WAN bandwidth and data storage costs

The FormationOne Advantage

SafeGuard copies a selected volume’s data and catalogs (metadata) from the primary domain to any target repository or domain—on premise or in the cloud. No Formation software is required on the remote site.

SafeGuard policies can be set for each volume, and datasets are stored in the Formation open XDI format.

SafeGuard operates in two core replication modes:

  • SafeGuard Cloud Data Management—copies the complete contents of a volume in a FormationOne domain and sends a snapshot to a AWS S3 or remote Object repository, then captures the changes in differentials
  • SafeGuard Cloud Domain Replication—asynchronously replicates volume changes between two FormationOne Cloud Domains in near real-time, maintaining volume consistency within the remote FormationOne domain.

SafeGuard utilizes consistent data models across repositories, providing maximum versatility and fast DR recovery times. With its flexible replication options, SafeGuard also supports a wide range of protection service levels.

Secure Cloud Data Replication Safeguard 

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