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Software-Defined Storage for Service Providers

In today's competitive cloud market, service providers need to offer cost-effective, scalable services that fulfill a broad range of subscriber use cases. This requires the ability to quickly adapt and respond with new offerings when market opportunities arise. To be agile, service providers need infrastructure solutions that are elastic, scalable, and flexible so they can design, optimize and deliver profitable, high-value services to end users.

The FormationOne™ Dynamic Storage Platform enables service providers to offer multi-tenant, enterprise-grade features and support a wide range of application types—without re-architecting to support each solution. Its unique software architecture uses a flexible deployment model that delivers high-value services running on industry-standard x86 hardware, dramatically lowering capital and operational costs.

FormationOne allows datacenter architects to dynamically balance capacity, workloads, and performance in a secure, multi-tenant environment. And its API-level integration provides higher degrees of automation to seamlessly blend infrastructure into the complete solution stack. 

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Delivering Cost-Effective Services at Scale

When operating at cloud scale, time to market is critical and competition is fierce. The ability to consolidate data management and provisioning services into one uniform process significantly reduces the amount of time to bring new application services online. The FormationOne Dynamic Storage platform is a service oriented architecture that automates service provisioning via an open API so new services can be up and running instantly, cutting costs and delivering revenue sooner.


Supporting Multiple Platforms, Protocols, and Services

It's not cost effective to build separate storage systems for different data types, access protocols, and services. FormationOne eliminates this complexity with a platform that unifies block, file, and object storage. This enables data management features like snapshots and cloning to be consolidated, allowing service providers to collapse storage and technology silos into a single platform.


Consistently Meeting Service Level Agreements

Service level agreements (SLAs) are typically contractual agreements that have serious financial penalties if not achieved. Using FormationOne, service providers can ensure that all workloads get the proper service level via a dynamic QoS policy. Administrators simply define a QoS policy and FormationOne enforces compliance across the entire system. Watch the white board video.


Ensuring Multi-Tenant Security

FormationOne supports multiple customers (tenants) and enables their applications to co-exist in a single domain. Tenants share a domain’s physical resources and tenant administrators can set data and application policies, and manage tenant privileges, isolated from other tenants. FormationOne supports access control lists (ACL) at the volume level for each user and tenant administrator.


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Backup and Recovery

Data Protection-as-a-Service is a fundamental component of any service offering and is often an excellent starting point for organizations seeking to initiate hosted offerings. Service providers are frequently forced to compromise on the recovery objectives or limit the flexibility of their backup offerings due to the restrictions of the underlying technology infrastructure. FormationOne changes the game. Now service providers can deliver data protection and recovery services that are scalable, flexible, and fully automated.

Test and Development

Ongoing development of new services requires infrastructure that can rapidly adapt to the changing needs of a service provider environment. Being able to move data from development to test to operations typically requires large-scale data migrations that often take weeks. FormationOne offers a dynamic data mobility model that allows real-time snapshots and instant clones, eliminating the time it takes to migrate data from each of the functional application development teams and accelerating time to revenue.

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