POY_2016_silver-1.jpgFormation is pleased to announce that the FormationOne™ Dynamic Storage Platform has been selected as a silver award winner in the Storage Magazine and Tech Target product of the year award in the Server-Based Storage category. 


 Read the Press Release here. 


Key features that helped FormationOne earn the Silver award:

  • Single-Origin Data: Single-origin inline data deduplication to reduce the storage footprint. 
  • Unified Data Connectors: Flexible software connectors supporting iSCSI (block), NFS/SMB (file)  and Amazon Web Services S3 compatible object store.
  • TimeLine: Transactional data journaling (continuous data protection) with integrated snapshots and clones, that enables customers to recover data from any point in time.
  • PriorityOne QOS:FormationOne's quality of service, called PriorityOne, allocates and prioritizes I/O to specific application workloads -- within configured performance thresholds -- based on policies."  

All modern software-defined storage platforms provide tremendous benefit by providing increased flexibility and agility, and the ability to leverage open, commodity components and low cost industry standard x86 hardware.  FormationOne takes this innovation to the next level by offering next generation storage services such as CDP,  QoS and Hybrid Cloud Replication in a single, software-defined platform. 

Because FormationOne has been architected from the ground up, it delivers a SDS platform that is unmatched in the industry - even by the largest storage vendors. By decoupling hardware from storage software, FormationOne eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional storage architectures by leveraging a modern, fault tolerant distributed architecture.  The end result?  A Dynamic Storage Platform that provides dramatic and significant cost savings —enabling customers to reduce storage costs by upwards of 90%! 

This TechTarget Silver Award in the Server-based Storage category from some of the industries toughest critics was based on the stuff that really matters:  value, innovation and functionality!  

Let us show you why we’re different. And how easy it is to get started.

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