The complexity and high cost of current enterprise storage arrays have caused many VMware and virtualization administrators to look at alternatives for creating cost-effective datastores. Software-defined storage is simple and inexpensive compared to most enterprise storage systems today, but solutions tied to a specific hypervisor have performance and scale constraints and can limit the flexibility of working across multiple hypervisors and operating systems. Managing these storage systems can be extremely complex and expensive while hindering IT’s ability to deliver services at the speed of business.


FormationOne™ is a software-defined, hyper- scale storage solution that is purpose-built for virtualized environments. FormationOne employs intelligent, dynamic enterprise storage functionality built on a distributed, scale-out software architecture that utilizes standard x86 servers. FormationOne enables enterprises with multiple hypervisors to place all their storage for any compute environment within a single management domain, providing unprecedented simplicity, scale and agility. FormationOne provides native integration with VMware, and also supports Hyper-V, KVM and Xen hypervisor deployments.

FormationOne allows administrators to set multiple access points for individual virtual volumes and data stores to consolidate workloads without performance impact. Administrators can also employ logical and physical multi-tenancy to further isolate hypervisor environments or virtual applications to increase data security and protection.

FormationOne also employs PriorityOne™ QoS, which allows specific storage characteristics to be defined and enforced per virtual volume or application to guarantee performance. The FormationOne scale-out architecture running on commodity hardware ensures no single point of failure. This eliminates the forklift upgrades required by legacy scale-up storage solutions— and their overwhelming costs.


•       Single-Origin Data™: Inline de-duplication minimizes storage footprint. Virtual snapshots and clones.
•       TimeLine™: Continuous Data Protection (CDP) journals I/O for granular recovery.
•       PriorityOne™: Dynamic QoS controls minimum and maximum IOPs. 
•       FireBreak™: Continuously monitors data activity and detects anomalies.
•       Multi-Tenancy: Runs multi-tenant applications on the same domain.
•       FormationOne SafeGuard™: Asynchronous remote replication and copy data management into AWS or private cloud.
•       Dynamic Data Tiering™: Dynamically allocates workloads with varying performance requirements to appropriate disk resources.
•       Unified Interfaces: Supports unified data connectors for block (iSCSI), file (NFS), and object (S3).
•       VMware Integration: vCenter plug-in and vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI).

Figure 1: FormationOne deployed in a multi-hypervisor environment

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 12.35.07 PM.png 

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